TEL: (250) 385-7317
/ CELL: (250) 885-8502


Call now!! Lets put an end to your pain from injuries and symptoms.  
Let Ms. Ang help you to lead a pain free life!

Phone: (250) 385-7317
Text only/whatsapp: (250) 885-8502

Address: 928, Ellery St.,
Victoria, B.C., V9A 4S1, Canada

  • COVID19 ALERT :  Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID 19), all precautionary measures are taken and washable masks will be strictly handed out to each client with effect from the reopening of my practice.  All plastic and metal surfaces will be sanitized and cleaned when come in contact anytime.  The garbage can will be put outside of the practice area and at safe distance.  If you still have any questions regarding about the safety measures  and also about making safe appointment for your treatment plan for permanent pain relief due to  sport/work/car accidents, traumas and also successful recovery from your symptoms from the minor to major instances, please call on landline: 250 385 7317 or text only: 250 885 8502 as soon as you can to further help you. 

  Available for Treatments 5 Days a Week Tuesday thru Saturday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Public Holidays Closed

Need to Cancel your appointment?

Please make a courtesy landline call 24 hours prior to treatment and unless it is an emergency please give a call 3 hours prior to treatment at least.  

Also, do your best to reschedule immediately after the cancellation.  A cancellation fee will be charged for no-show appointment.

Getting ready for your initial massage treatment appointment

Eat a low carb/grain diet, low in dairy and low in all form of sugar diet 2.5 hours prior to consultation and treatment. Also make sure to drink plenty of water. Have a warm shower and wear comfortable loose clothing. Eliminate facial make-up and perfume/deodorant. Long hair should be worn tied up so as to facilitate ease of treatment.

Over 51 millions people are suffering from depression and anxiety in Canada and LET me help you now by cutting down your symptoms and in a reasonable period of time through my unique massage treatment without any drug nor medication!